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Callie was born with an extremly rare, complex congenital heart defect, Hypoplastic Right Heart, Pulmonary Atresia with an Intact Ventricular Septum, MAPCA’s, Pulmonary vein stenosis. Currently she has had 11 heart surgeries,15 heart caths & over 30 blood transfusions.All of her surgeries have been performed at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in California by one of the best surgeons in the world, Dr. Frank Hanley.This blog is dedicated to her and her journey as a survivor with Congenital Heart Disease.Her battle is by no means over but we take one day at a time and rejoice in ALL the good times. Please join us in praying for our sweet girl.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

We have been getting ready for Christmas around here! Callie is so exicited for Christmas, although she is still terrified of Santa!! LOL Callie has been battling her cough again for over 3 weeks now which is a result of another sinus infection. She is on her 3rd week of antibiotic and will remain on them till the 21st. YUCK! I hate her being on so much antibiotic. Monday she will see an ENT to see if we can figure out why she has so many sinus infections and if there is anything we can do to help the problem. As most know, we leave next month for California. Callie will forsure have a heart cath and is schedule for open-heart surgery but there is always a chance it will canceled if things aren't how they want them in order for her to have her next surgery, the bi-directional glenn. I really hope that she won't have a surgery in January, she went through so much back in August 2011 with her 3 open-heart surgeries with in just days of each other that was enough to last all of us FOREVER! But, I try to remember God's timing is perfect. It can be hard at times to keep that in the front of my mind. But, for now, we just continue to be thankful for how awesome she is doing and just take day by day. We have bracelets for sale if you would like to support Callie on her coming trip(see on right side of blog) or you can just donate; every little bit helps no matter the amount. Proceeds will help with things such as traveling expenses, housing, rental car, medications, etc. Please continue to lift Callie up in prayer as her next trip inches closer and closer. I will update again next week and share about Callie's ENT appointment. Pray for answers and solutions. Thank you to everyone who continues to support my sweet girl and our family, each and every one of you have made the past 5 years a little easier for our family and we are so grateful.

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