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Callie was born with an extremly rare, complex congenital heart defect, Hypoplastic Right Heart, Pulmonary Atresia with an Intact Ventricular Septum, MAPCA’s, Pulmonary vein stenosis. Currently she has had 11 heart surgeries,15 heart caths & over 30 blood transfusions.All of her surgeries have been performed at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in California by one of the best surgeons in the world, Dr. Frank Hanley.This blog is dedicated to her and her journey as a survivor with Congenital Heart Disease.Her battle is by no means over but we take one day at a time and rejoice in ALL the good times. Please join us in praying for our sweet girl.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Callie had a great Christmas:) My house is covered in toys. JOY!!! As soon as she walked into the living room, she wanted to dig into her gifts. I am happy to report Callie's vomiting issues seem to be resolved. It will be 2 wks on Monday that she has been off the Zantac and since being off that med, we haven't had anymore vomiting issues!!!! I'm thinking she was having a reaction to the med. But, time will only tell if it was the med or if we are just having a good period. If she starts vomiting again then we will try the Prevacid and see how that works. If that doesn't solve it then we are on to doing bloodwork, to see if there's more behind this then what meets the eye. But, hopefully Callie will continue vomit free:) Callie has been proving just how stubborn she can be the past few days. Callie still drinks from a bottle! So, I have put my foot down the past 3 days and been giving her the milk in a sippy cup. Well, the child hasn't drank any milk from that thing in 3 days. She refuses!!!! So, I guess we will continue to butt heads until she decides to drink from the sippy cup:) She drinks everything else frim a sippy cup so there's no reason she can't drink her milk from it. Just being hard headed. That's about all going on around here.


  1. Hey. This is just a suggestion but Lindsey was having a problem with reflux and throwing up every day and I got her a product containing probiotics and it has stopped her throwing up. I got hers at sams and it's a capsule so you could break it open and put it in applesause...Worth a try and it's a natural thing, not drug.

  2. Thank you for your sweet note on our blog. Callie is just beautiful! Such a cutie. Love your updates. :) We would love to meet you when you are here. If possible could you send me your email address, so I can send you my cell number. Hoping to meet you.
    Heart Hugs,
    Terra Chez

  3. Zantac is amazing... relieves my lil cupcakes heartburn, hope I can also take it to relieve my heartache! LOL Got it online at www.medsheaven.com

  4. Hi, we have a son that has a very similar diagnosis to your daughter (he recently had surgery by Dr. Hanley). I always do research and came across your blog. We haven't found many babies with a similar CHD combination as our son. If you wouldn't mind emailing me, I would love to know more about your daughter's journey. Thanks! danielle-moss@hotmail.com